Legion BoE Variations

The below groups contain all possible variations of items for the given category (That TSM has detected so far), allowing you to buy and post items without the items being treated as their base versions. It was necessary to break these groups up by quality due to the incresing number of variations.

Cloaks (Uncommon)

Cloaks (Rare)

Cloaks (Epic)

Rings (Uncommon)

Rings (Rare)

Rings (Epic)

Necks (Uncommon)

Necks (Rare)

Necks (Epic)

Trinkets (Uncommon)

Trinkets (Rare)

Trinkets (Epic)

Relics (Uncommon)

Relics (Rare)

Relics (Epic)

Cloth (Uncommon)

Cloth (Rare)

Cloth (Epic)

Leather (Uncommon)

Leather (Rare)

Leather (Epic)

Mail (Uncommon)

Mail (Rare)

Mail (Epic)

Plate (Uncommon)

Plate (Rare)

Plate (Epic)